Friday, July 16, 2010


Oxford English Dictionary defines "Solitude" as the state or situation of being alone. another Dictionary also defines similar meaning, which is A lonely or secluded place. while me, humbly say "Solitude" as high quality time with our-own-selves which is made under fully conscious emotional feeling.

technically, no body wants to be lonely.
at least, Ricky Martin and Christina Aguilera have proven those words in their song.
but I do believe that we are all same.
we are afraid of being lonely.

the warmth of best friends, the hospitality of strangers, the various characteristics of people, the laugh makers from indescribable jokes, and also the nature of human being are completely reasons which take huge responsibility in making us as social creature. no wonder if we do love to get involving in many communities, organizations, activities or any labels of social life.

but, have you ever tried to be Solitude?
*not every single day, of course. just sometimes.

you give your time for yourself. alone.
you live in your own rotation.
you'll be hotter than they ever known.
you walk alone on Saturday Night without mate.
you please yourself to watch a movie at Cinema together with your shadow.
you enjoy a dinner in luxurious Restaurant without sharing table with others.
you traverse a bookcase to another just to feed your brain up.
you shop shirts, blouse, party dress without hesitating to spend much time. yeah. nobody's waiting. nobody will be bored.
but, magically, no tears there.
just the big smile is painted on your face.


Solitude is a precious time for yourself.

but don't worry, because you still have abilities to talk, touch, mess up, laugh, cry, listen though you are alone.

the miracles when you're in Solitude Phase?
I honor to share with you!

You can talk to yourself freely without any existence of people's thoughts.
You speak to your brain about encouraging your knowledge.
You listen to your heart about Faith and live for it.
You clean your ears from negative speech from uneducated people.
You brush your mouth from useless or curse words which may hurt others.
You wash your feet from uninvited imprints.
You move your hands to touch imaginary life.
and You look into yourself to judge whether you're right or wrong as a human. Fairly.

being Solitude is not Loneliness.
'Cause being Solitude is a Choice.
not caused by Fate.

just try to be Solitude sometime.
I bet you will be addicted.
you will adore yourself more.
yet you will say thanks to God because He has created you.
The only one you.

respect yourself. respect others.

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